Further From View

by Nigel Barnes

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All instruments - Nige Barnes apart from Bass* and Keys** on 'Buoys of Cartmel'.
* - Paul Barnes / **Martyn Barnes.


released January 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Nigel Barnes Bolton, UK

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Track Name: The Scab
Don't pick the scab cos you'll make it worse,
and the plans you made move in reverse,
And I've heard, the stories…it's harder than we know

If you blame yourself for the things they did,
then you won't move forward, you won't break free,
And you won't keep listening to the words that I say

If you let them chase you now,
you'll always keep on running away from this,
And you'll always be a mess

They brought you up with their selfish lies
and they made you live with their disguise
But you're strong, I know it, you'll leave them far behind

Don't lose it all cos you've done so well,
And I'm convinced that time will tell,
and you know, you should know

If you let them hunt you down,
The world is always bigger than you think,
And you'll always make it back
Track Name: Non-Believers
You've heard this all before,
So now it doesn't mean much,
I could be bleeding on the floor
For all you non believers

I told you not to stay
I said you wouldn't like it
I told you there'd be differences
but your language undermined it

If you believe in me,
It's all i'll ever need,
And you can watch me play the game while seeming incomplete
Maybe I should wait a while, maybe I should go

I've heard this all before,
And now it doesn't feel good,
Keep my thought's to myself you know
But my sympathy's a loaded gun
You told me I should stay,
You said that I would like it
You spoke of an eternity
But you took too long to find it

When the words don't make sense
And you're bored with this pre-tense,
Can you save me or, reveal it all to me?
Track Name: We Should All Go Home
We'll fly away on a cliche,
and hope that nobody else says,
Look at them they're up so high they'll surely burn to death,

I know this may sound facetious, but can this all be beneath us anyway?,
We're destined for the same outcome if we…

All keep doing what we've always done,
Keep telling tales that we all made up,
is now the time that we should all go home?

Embellishing is an issue,
and saying more than you need to,
another angry voice,
another foolish choice,

I know this may sound facetious, but can this all be beneath us anyway?,
We're destined for the same outcome if we…
Track Name: Young Love
It's funny how people say that 'it's funny how people change',
I don't think it's funny at all
If I walked to your house again,
And we went to see our old friends,
I don't think they'd know me at all

Do you remember young love? And the feelings that you got in your stomach,
And the shaky hands and heart of another,
you should only make plans, only when your falling in…
Young love, and the rumours from the sisters and brothers,
It's so easy but you'll never recover,
They say only make plans, only when your falling in...

The feelings, they fade away,
But the aftertaste still remains,
With the beat of an envious heart,
If I walked to your house again,
And we went to see our old friends,
I don't think they'd know me at all
Track Name: Whatever It Takes
It's so easy to feel like you're so,
Perfect knowing the things that you know,
I'm not saying that i'd do the same,
Given i had your talented brain

You're so sad and its starting to show,
You walk around letting everyone know,
That the weight of the world's on your shoulders
And you're ready for starting a war

These poignant words that I don't remember, so i don't write down,
well believe me, they sound better in my mind.

It's so easy to feel like you're so,
Welcome going the places you go,
I'm not saying that they'd act the same,
Given i had your relative fame.

I'm so cynical yeah you could say,
The same voice on repeat everyday,
It's not easy facing your demons,
But it's better than starting a war.

You can't tolerate mistakes,
So we do whatever it takes,
And no we're not under your spell,
Just so you know, you're like everyone else.
Track Name: Buoys Of Cartmel
I know you don't really like these chords but I rewrote the words for you
And you taught me how to make this sound, reminds me of us growing up

Not a great deal of distance to go but it's something we seem to ignore.
I want you two, I want you to know this
You only need to knock on the door

The road, the days, the weather
The smile that lasts forever

I know we don't always have the time, it's a problem we all seem to hold,
Resolutions and a master plan, we'll make them when were through getting old

It's speeding up and we're losing control,
And it's something we choose to ignore,
I want you two; I want you to know this,
We only need to knock on the door

I see the lights and they're still blinking,
I'm only saying, I've been thinking…

We won't be leaving anytime soon,
We can't keep drifting further from view,

I can't keep drifting, further from you.